A Comparative Study Between Different Helmholtz Resonator Systems

Md. Amin Mahmud, Md. Shahriar Islam, Md. Zahid Hossain, Mir Md. Maruf Morshed


This paper proposes a best fit cylindrical Helmholtz resonator system attached to a duct for attenuating low frequency noise within 300 Hz using finite element method. Initially, an optimized system of two identical 2-DOF resonators in terms of relative position and orientation by adapting a published single 2-DOF resonator system. The optimum relative position of the two resonators is studied by placing them at less than antinode, antinode and node of the wavelength of sound source and the optimum relative orientation between the resonators is also found out at that optimum relative spacing. Finally, the optimized system of two identical 2-DOF resonators is compared with three published studies of single 2-DOF, single 1-DOF and two identical 1-DOF resonator systems and the results indicates that two identical 2-DOF resonator system provide a comparatively wider bandwidth of noise attenuation within 300 Hz. The obtained analytical and numerical results of transmission loss for the adapted single 2-DOF have been validated with that of the published experimental result and a good agreement is found.



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