Acoustics Specialization for Building Engineers


  • Joonhee Lee Concordia University
  • Mohammed Zaheeruddin Concordia University


This paper describes an overview of the architectural acoustics specialization program, the acoustics curriculum for building engineers, acoustic lab facilities, and research areas developed at Concordia University. The Building Engineering Program at Concordia University is designed to encompass the body of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of a building with an understanding of their impact on the environment including acoustics. The Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia offers undergraduate and graduate acoustic courses for students who want to pursue a career in architectural acoustics. The program guides students to gain fundamental knowledge in acoustics and analysis skills of indoor environments to achieve optimal acoustic performance in buildings. The acoustic courses cover topics from acoustic principles to professional applications in room acoustics and noise control methods. Laboratory experiments and design projects are essential components in these acoustic courses. The design of graduate attributes and learning outcomes used in the assessment of the courses will be described. The experience gained from the assessment process has improved the acoustics curriculum at Concordia University.  Lastly, effective teaching strategies to deliver acoustic concepts to building engineering students will be discussed.

Author Biographies

Joonhee Lee, Concordia University

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Mohammed Zaheeruddin, Concordia University

ProfessorDepartment of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering




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Lee J, Zaheeruddin M. Acoustics Specialization for Building Engineers. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2017 Aug. 19 [cited 2023 Mar. 22];45(3):100-1. Available from:



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