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Development of a Real-Time Eog-Based Acoustical Beamformer Algorithm for Binaural Hearing Devices

Olivier Valentin, Saumya Vij, Jérémie Voix


Electro-oculography (EOG) is a technique used for instance to evaluate the ocular motility by recording the potential difference between the cornea (positive potential) and the retina (negative potential) with periorbital electrodes. This paper presents the proof of concept of an acoustical beamforming algorithm using the gaze angle obtained from EOG recordings to optimize sound localization and perception. Such an algorithm would help to enhance the user experience of people using binaural hearing devices such as hearing aids or digital hearing protectors by improving, for example, speech recognition in noise.


beamforming; hearing aids; electrooculography (EOG); simulink; binarual

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