Recent Experience With Acoustical Privacy Considerations in Academic Settings


  • Mandy Chan HGC Engineering
  • William Gastmeier HGC Engineering


Over the last number of years, the provision of increased levels of acoustical privacy and confidentiality has become an ever more important consideration in the design and functionality of office spaces and interview rooms. Occupants have always desired freedom from distraction and an enhanced feeling of privacy in their workplaces and offices. More recently, with the advent of privacy of information legislation, confidential levels of privacy are commonly required for spoken conversations. In academic settings, such spaces involve exam rooms for special needs students, mental health offices in student services facilities, cooperative education and other interview rooms and registration offices where sensitive information may be discussed. This article discusses several investigations related to reportedly poor levels of acoustical privacy in academic settings with regard to applicable criteria, suitable acoustical measurements and analysis and contributing factors.

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Mandy Chan, HGC Engineering

Senior Engineer, Associate

William Gastmeier, HGC Engineering


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