Selecting Suitable Noise Control for Mine Return Air Raise Systems


  • Andrew Dobson HGC Engineering
  • William Gastmeier HGC Engineering


Recent measurements and observations suggest that moisture and particulate drawn through the return air raise systems which ventilate underground mines can cause rapid clogging and degradation of the outlet silencers, if not properly accounted for in the design of the system. The implications of this are multifaceted, and include significant economic, environmental, and residential annoyance concerns. This paper will present measured source and receptor based sound level data collected as part of a residential complaint investigation, outline specific elements which can be considered when designing a return air system to optimize the potential of the noise control equipment, and will examine the feasibility of implementing atypical noise control methods.

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Andrew Dobson, HGC Engineering

Senior Consultant, Associate




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Dobson A, Gastmeier W. Selecting Suitable Noise Control for Mine Return Air Raise Systems. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2016 Aug. 24 [cited 2021 Oct. 19];44(3). Available from:



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