Measurement of Vessel Underwater Acoustic Signature – Repeatability Assessed on the Mars Database


  • Pierre Cauchy ismer uqar, CA
  • Pierre Mercure-Boissonnault ismer uqar, CA
  • Faniry Rabetoandro ismer uqar, CA
  • Cécile Perrier de la Bathie ismer uqar, CA
  • cedric gervaise Chorus, FR
  • Guillaume Saint-Onge ismer uqar, CA
  • Sylvain Lafrance IMAR, CA


The MARS project (Marine acoustic research station, is an applied research project dedicated to improving description, understanding and mitigation of underwater noise generated by marine traffic. A recording station has been deployed along the shipping lane in the St. Lawrence Estuary, designed to collect high quality measurements of underwater noise radiated by the commercial fleet navigating the St. Lawrence seaways, according to the international standards ANSI/ASA S12.64-2009 and ISO-17208-1. The MARS underwater acoustic signature database contains ~1000 measurements, including repeated measurements from individual vessels. The analysis of the multiple acoustic signatures collected from the individual vessels offers a quantification of the repeatability of the acoustic signature measurement process, as well as a quantification of the uncertainties. This analysis, performed on a large database, representative of the St. Lawrence commercial fleet, is critical to quantify and demonstrate the quality and reliability of the data collected at the MARS station.

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Cauchy P, Mercure-Boissonnault P, Rabetoandro F, Perrier de la Bathie C, gervaise cedric, Saint-Onge G, Lafrance S. Measurement of Vessel Underwater Acoustic Signature – Repeatability Assessed on the Mars Database. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2023 Oct. 9 [cited 2024 May 28];51(3):234-5. Available from:



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