The effect of various placements and densities on the sound absorption of baffles


  • E. Rebke Alberta Public Works, Supply & Services Building Sci. Branch, Edmonton, Alta., Canada


acoustic wave absorption, architectural acoustics, placements, densities, sound absorption, baffles, buildings, reverberation, noise level control


Unit absorbers, commonly referred to as sound absorbing baffles have obtained widespread use in buildings for reverberation and noise level control. The effect on sound absorption of varying baffle densities greater than 2 m2/unit has been investigated in the past. Little or no information exists on the sound absorption of baffles suspended at densities less than this value. To further understand their sound absorbing characteristics, laboratory tests were performed on various configurations and densities less than 2 m2/unit. Of particular interest was the effect of horizontal and vertical placements and the mutual influence on absorbing efficiency due to the change in baffle density. Results indicate that spatial arrangement had minimal effect on sound absorption for the densities measured. However, sound absorbing efficiency did increase notably as the baffle density decreased

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