Simulation of the acoustic radiation emitted by vibrating structures


  • J. Nicolas Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada
  • A. Berry Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada
  • D. Trentin Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada
  • F. Laville Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada


acoustic noise, acoustic radiators, noise abatement, variational techniques, vibrations, simulation, vibro-acoustic behaviour, acoustic radiation, vibrating structures, radiation model, semi-complex structure, variational method, boundary conditions, stiffeners, added masses, mechanical sources of vibrations, output impedance, input impedance, quadripole approach, kinetic energy, radiation efficiency, overall sound power, noise control


In order to control noise at source during the designing phase, a radiation model of a semi-complex structure has been developed. Based on analytical approach using a variational method, this model allows one to predict the effects of the boundary conditions as well as stiffeners and added masses with force or moment type of excitation. To meet industrial applications, calculations have been extended to mechanical sources of vibrations. A theoretical analysis of the problem is presented. The actual force input into the structure is the boundary result of both the output impedance of the source and the input impedance of the structure. A quadripole approach for the source assembly enables one to calculate the force input, the kinetic energy the radiation efficiency and the overall sound power. The key novelty of this method lies in its capacity to predict, a priori, the radiated noise in various configurations allowing the designer to rationally choose the best configuration in terms of noise control

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Nicolas J, Berry A, Trentin D, Laville F. Simulation of the acoustic radiation emitted by vibrating structures. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1991 Sep. 1 [cited 2024 Jul. 20];19(4):33-4. Available from:



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