Design of circular saw blades for quiet operation


  • J.-L. Wojtowicki GAUS, Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada
  • O. Beslin GAUS, Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada
  • J. Nicolas GAUS, Sherbrooke Univ., Que., Canada


acoustic noise, noise abatement, circular saw blades, idling noise, cutting noise, turbulences, gullets, saw blade vibrations, modal analysis, damping properties


This study presents the results of the last developments made on the reduction of the noise radiated by circular saw blades at the Acoustic and vibration group of Sherbrooke laboratory. The reduction of noise has been made on both the free running or idling noise and the cutting noise. Our experiments showed that the free running noise is generated by the motion of teeth and gullet at high speed in the air which creates turbulences. Those turbulences can be significantly decreased as the dimensions of gullets are well chosen. The cutting noise is generated by saw blade vibrations excited by the cutting force. As the cutting force can not be easily reduced the cutting noise has been reduced using modal analysis techniques results and materials with high damping properties

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Wojtowicki J-L, Beslin O, Nicolas J. Design of circular saw blades for quiet operation. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1994 Sep. 1 [cited 2024 Jul. 23];22(3):105-6. Available from:



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