Acoustical cues in /r-w/ discrimination


  • L.K. Fitzgerald Dept. of Psychol., Calgary Univ., Alta., Canada
  • E.B. Slawinski Dept. of Psychol., Calgary Univ., Alta., Canada


hearing, speech intelligibility, acoustical cues, semivowel discrimination, phonemic perception, identification performances, formant transition information, formant onset frequency


In an attempt to better understand the role two cues play in the phonemic perception of /r/ and /w/, the present study was undertaken. It was hoped that by comparing identification performances on continua with formant transition information alone, formant onset frequency information alone, and then a combination of both types of information, some light may be shed on the above issue. Working from the premise that the preceding speculation was correct, it was hypothesized that a main effect for continuum type would be exhibited

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