Indices of communication handicap in mildly hearing-impaired listeners


  • S.M. Abel Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ont., Canada


hearing, speech recognition, mildly hearing-impaired listeners, auditory performance decrements, concomitant hearing loss, acuity, stimulus frequency, bilateral high-frequency hearing loss, consonant discrimination, word recognition, high-tone hearing loss, speech perception, 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz


The author measured auditory performance decrements among normal-hearing and mildly hearing-impaired Canadian Forces personnel with communications experience. In previous research with inexperienced subjects, she demonstrated that aging, without concomitant hearing loss, resulted in decreased acuity for changes in both stimulus frequency and duration. Compared with aged-matched controls, older individuals with bilateral high-frequency hearing loss showed decrements in frequency discrimination at 4000 Hz, and in consonant discrimination and word recognition in noise. The degree of high-tone hearing loss was correlated with the decrement in speech perception



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