Practical aspects of implementing sound isolation and noise control


  • A.D. Lightstone Valcoustics Canada Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada


acoustic noise, architectural acoustics, acoustical consultant, architectural project, noise control, sound isolation design, contractors, construction errors


When the acoustical consultant is involved on an architectural project to assist with noise control or sound isolation design, it is because these aspects are critical. Usually a high standard of workmanship is as important or more important than the design itself, in achieving the desired results. It is often very difficult to get the `skilled trades' to properly build even the simplest designs that are specially configured for acoustical purposes. Often many of important acoustical details will become hidden and inaccessible as construction proceeds. For many contractors `out-of-sight is out-of-mind'. If the detail will be invisible or inaccessible, either they assume it is not important or they expect to get away with sloppiness. Therefore, construction errors must be caught at the right time to ensure proper results and resolve problems that might be blamed on poor design



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