City of Toronto Noise By-law review and amendment


  • C. Andréew Dept. of Public Works & the Environ., Noise Control Branch, Toronto, Ont., Canada
  • A. Lightstone
  • J. Fielders


legislation, noise abatement, review, amendment, Noise By-law, Toronto


By-Law 44-75, Respecting Noises (the Noise By-law) was passed by Toronto City Council on February 20, 1975 for the purpose of controlling unnecessary or unreasonable noise. It was designed to eliminate noise at its source essentially by controlling noisy activities. As a result of almost 20 years of By-law enforcement, it was recognized that the By-law needed to be updated to conform with current community standards, changes in land uses and enforcement realities. Valcoustics Canada Ltd. and Jade Acoustics Inc. were retained to assist in the review in order to deal with new sources, clarify wording and identify technical `loopholes' where found and also provide information on the experience and practice of other similar municipal jurisdictions. During the consultation process, it became apparent that more would be gained by looking at the issues dealt with during the course of enforcing the By-law in addition to the wording of specific clauses




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