Digital Audio Laboratory Station


  • M. Roland-Mieszkowski Digital Recordings-Advanced R&D, Halifax, NS, Canada
  • D. Roland-Mieszkowski Digital Recordings-Advanced R&D, Halifax, NS, Canada
  • A. Czyzewski
  • B. Kostek


audio equipment, computerised instrumentation, digital systems, Digital Audio Laboratory Station, NeXTSTEP, UNIX, Digital Audiometer, signal synthesis


A new Digital Audio Laboratory Station (DAL) system was developed under NeXTSTEP & UNIX operating system. The DAL system is available now on NeXT and IBM PC 486 /Pentium computers and will be soon available on HP, SUN, DEC and Canon computers. Research in the areas of acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio engineering, audiology etc., requires in many cases screening of the hearing abilities of the involved subjects and investigators. Required tests are often non-standard and need much better flexibility and precision than what is available from standard analog and digital equipment. With the DFG (Digital Function Generator) software the Digital Audiometer becomes a sophisticated Digital Audio Laboratory Station for performing any type of audio experiment. The fact that signal synthesis is implemented in software makes modifications very fast and simple, allowing for a rapid development of new experiments and testing procedures




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Roland-Mieszkowski M, Roland-Mieszkowski D, Czyzewski A, Kostek B. Digital Audio Laboratory Station. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1994 Sep. 1 [cited 2022 Jan. 23];22(3):151-2. Available from:



Proceedings of the Acoustics Week in Canada