Application of multichannel active noise control in a large circular industrial stack

Andrée L'Esperance, Martin Bouchard, Bruno Paillard, Alex Boudreau


An active noise control system has been developed to reduce the propagation of 320 Hz emitted by an industrial stack. A 10 MIMI control algorithm using the error sensor plane concept was developed and installed in the stack. The system is fully automatic so that, when the power is turned on, the control algorithm does all the steps to achieve a control, and a verification process is continuously in operation to ensure the efficiency of the system. This system has been installed on the industrial stack, and the objective of a 10 dB noise reduction of the 320 Hz pure tone in the neighborhood of the industrial plant has been reached.


Acoustic wave transmission; Algorithms; Chimneys; Sensors; Multichannel active noise control (ANC)

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