From microstructure to acoustic behaviour of porous materials

C. Perrot, R. Panneton, X. Olny


A method to determine the macroscopic parameters of absorbent materials from the knowledge of their cellular microstructure, either identified by computer microtomography or scaled by macro-micro geometrical model is discussed. All the relevant quantities have been computed on cellular systems. Study of the fluid velocity field for a hexagonal porous system reveal significant quantitative agreement between macroscopic parameters derived and measured from real aluminum foam. The results reveal the deep relationship between Kelvin structure and real reticulated foams.


Acoustic waves; Algorithms; Computational methods; Computerized tomography; Foams; Microstructure; Porosity; Porous materials; Thermodynamic properties; Viscosity; Acoustic energy; Helmoltz equations; Kelvin structure; Sound absorption

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