Development of a sound masking system for road construction NOISE

Tony Leroux, Jean-Pierre Gagné, Pierre André, Line Gamache


The effectiveness and feasibility of a noise masking technique to reduce road construction noises were discussed. A sound level meter was used to measure the level of ambient noise before and during the construction noise in the residential neighborhood. The residents were also asked to provide a rating of the level of annoyance at night when highway was open to regular traffic at night and when closed for reflection purposes. The results show that the ambient noise measured during normal night operation of the A-40 highway exhibits levels of noise varying from 65.2 to 68.9 dBA at the closet street to 50.2 to 53.4 dBA for farther away row of houses.


Digital filters; Highway systems; Houses; Loudspeakers; Road construction; Roads and streets; Signal to noise ratio; Stresses; Surveying; White noise; Construction noise; Environmental analysis; Noise levels; Stress response

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