On transmission of structure borne power from wood studs to gypsum board mounted on resilient metal channels - Part 2: Some simplifications for modelling

T.R.T. Nightingale, Andreas Mayr


The simplifications used while creating a model for structure borne transmission from a wood stud to a gypsum board mounted on RCs are discussed. Above 400 Hz power transmission is determined by stud translation, is propotional to the number of RCs, and is independent of number and location of fasteners between gypsum board and RCs. In this frequency range it is possible to use the mobility approach if RCs can be approximated by a series of idealised springs located at points of intersection between stud and RCs. The dynamic stiffness of each spring is equal to that of the RC at a stud.


Aspect ratio; Attenuation; Boundary conditions; Electric excitation; Finite element method; Power transmission; Radiation; Resonance; Coupling loss factor (CLF); Dynamic stiffness; Radiation efficiency; Resilent metal channels (RC)

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