Recent projects in building acoustics at NRC

J.S. Bradley, B.N. Gover, R.E. Halliwell, T.R.T. Nightingale, J.D. Quirt, A.C.C. Warnock


The recent projects undertaken in building acoustics at the National Research Council (NRC) were discussed. The Cost-effective open plan environments (COPE) project examined all the aspects of the design of open-plan offices including lightining and air quality issues and acoustical concerns. The methods for assessment of architectural speech security of closed offices and meeeting rooms were taken care by another project. A project was also undertaken to study sound of transmission through floors and walls.


Acoustic devices; Acoustic noise; Acoustic wave propagation; Architectural acoustics; Buildings; Computer software; Cost effectiveness; Parameter estimation; Report generators; Research; Signal processing; Signal to noise ratio; Speech transmission; Acoustical design; Field measurement protocols; Speech privacy; Speech security

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