Acoustical analysis of the Orpheum Theatre


  • J.S. Bradley Acoustics Lab., Inst. for Res. in Construction, Nat. Res. Council, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


architectural acoustics, Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, audience seating area, over-stage reflectors, under-balcony electro-acoustic enhancement system, Fast Hadamard Transform techniques, impulse responses


Extensive acoustical measurements and analyses were carried out in the Orpheum Theatre (Vancouver) for Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. as part of studies to develop plans for renovating the theatre. Measurements were made both on stage and for a number of locations in the audience seating area. Complete sets of measurements were repeated to evaluate the effects of the existing over-stage reflectors and an under-balcony electro-acoustic enhancement system. The measurements quantified problems associated with focusing effects and the different conditions found under a large balcony overhang. The measurements are compared with similar results found in other large halls. Measurements were made with our RAMSoft-II computer-based measurement system that uses an MLS signal and Fast Hadamard Transform techniques to calculate impulse responses. The impulse responses were filtered into octave bands and a dozen different acoustical quantities were calculated while in situ at each measurement position in the hall. For these measurements, three different source positions on stage and 15 receiver positions in the audience area of the hall were used

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