The evolution of newer auditorium acoustics measures


  • J.S. Bradley Inst. for Res. in Constr., Nat. Res. Council, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


acoustic variables measurement, architectural acoustics, hearing, musical acoustics, reviews, auditorium acoustics measures, reverberation time, speech, music, speech intelligibility, subjective assessments, concert hall acoustics quality, energy summations, sound energy


Reviews the development of newer types of auditorium acoustics measures that go beyond the conventional reverberation time. Quantities have been developed for speech and music. Two different types of speech measures have been shown to correlate well with speech intelligibility scores. Research has led to a consensus that a small number of quantities explain almost all of the variance in subjective assessments of concert hall acoustics quality. These new quantities involve only simple energy summations over various time intervals or the decay rates of sound energy and can be readily measured in halls

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