Evaluation of pavement noise using statistical techniques

Yuen-Ting Fiona Leung, Susan Tighe, Scott Penton, Peter VanDelden


A research on factors related to pavement noise conducted by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo (RMOW), Ontario, Canada, in partnership with the University of Waterloo Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) using statistical methods is discussed. The research was conducted into asphalt pavement, rubberized open friction course (rOFC) and rubberized open graded course (rOGC) to determine their noise reducing capability in the Southern Ontario environment. Thirteen testing vehicles were used for the noise testing including five light, five medium, and three heavy vehicles. It was found that vehicle noise increases when the vehicle speed or size increases.


Dynamics; Ground vehicles; Pavements; Rubber; Speed; Statistical methods; Transportation; Pavement noise; Rubberized open friction course (rOFC); Rubberized open graded course (rOGC); Vehicle speed

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