Finite-element modelling of acoustic wave scattering from fluid, rigid and elastic objects

Omar Falou, J. Carl Kumaradas, Michael C. Kolios


A finite element model (FEM) of acoustic wave propagation through 3-D arbitrary-shaped structures is developed to solve the problem of high frequency acoustic scattering. The FEMLAB® software package was used to develop and solve acoustic scattering models from fluid, rigid, and elastic spheres immersed in a fluid medium, for which analytical solutions are available. The entire computation domain is modeled as a sphere filled with fluid domains. It is found that the FEM provided accurate predictions of wave scattering by three types of scatterers, fluid, rigid immovable, and elastic.


Acoustic wave propagation; Computation theory; Computer software; Elasticity; Finite element method; Natural frequencies; Rigidity; 3-D arbitrary-shaped structures; Acoustic scattering models; Elastic spheres; Finite-element modeling

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