Estimating Torpedo range using multi-path signals and fast orthogonal search techniques

Jeff Collins, Donald R. McGaughey, Jim Therriault, Sean Pecknold


This paper introduces a torpedo range estimation algorithm, which is primarily developed in MATLAB. The Torpedo Detection Algorithm (TDA) employs the fast orthogonal search (FOS) algorithm for high-resolution spectral analysis to detect the closely spaced direct-path and surface-reflection signals. When a direct-path and surface-reflection are found, an automatic alert of a possible torpedo detection is initiated. In simulation, the existence of a torpedo and its range are found as it travels from 5000 to 750 metres from the receiver. Simple trigonometric expressions are used to estimate the torpedo's range given the two frequencies estimated by FOS and a priori information about the torpedo speed and depth. The predicted and actual ranges for a simulation in which a torpedo approaches from 5000 to 750 metres is shown.


Computer simulation; MATLAB; Range finders; Spectrum analysis; Torpedoes; Fast orthogonal search techniques; Surface-reflection signals; Torpedo Detection Algorithm (TDA); Torpedo range estimation algorithm

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