Testing of health canada's acoustic chamber at the consumer and clinical radiation protection bureau based on ISO standard 3745: 2003

Jason T. Tsang, Stephen E. Keith, William J. Gastmeier


Third party acoustical certification testing was performed in Health Canada's acoustic chamber at the Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau in Ottawa, Ontario. Tests were made using the pure tone method prescribed in Annex A of ISO 3745 (2003) and the results of the free fold performance testing were discussed. Measurements were conducted with a Gras Model 40 BE 1/4 inch microphone and Model 26CB preamplifier connected to a Bruel & Kjaer Type 2260 Precision Integrating Sound level Meter. Sound traverses were performed using pure-tome signals at 1/3 octave band center frequencies and the microphone was moved at 10 cm intervals. The results show that the dynamic loudspeaker directivity effects are more prevalent at the higher frequencies above 2 kHz. The two sound sources are found to be in accordance with the directionality and signal to noise requirements of ISO 3745.


Acoustics; Electric breakdown; Electroacoustic transducers; Microphones; Radiation shielding; Tropical engineering; Acoustic chambers; And models; Directivity effects; Dynamic loudspeakers; Higher frequencies; ISO standards; Octave bands; Ontario; Pure tones; Signal to noises; Sound level meters; Sound sources; Third parties

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