Loudness prediction model comparison using the equal loudness contours

Jeremy Charbonneau, Colin Novak, Helen Ule


Two of the standardized methods for calculating available steady-state loudness are discussed. The first of these standardized methods is the German standard, called DIN 45631 and the second standardized method is the American ANSI S3.4:2005 standard. The DIN 45631 approach calculates the loudness levels in a similar manner to the 1975 ISO 532B standardized method with minor changes to the procedure. Loudness levels using the German standardized method has been determined directly using the commercially available Brüel & Kjaer PULSE LabShop software. Pure tones have been generated using a B&K 3560 B-Frame and fed back directly into an input channel on the acquisition system to control the signal quality.


Mathematical models; Acquisition systems; B-frame; Input channels; Prediction model; Pure tones; Signal quality; Standardized methods

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