Comparison of experimentaland modeled insertion loss of a complex multi-chamber muffler with temperature and flow effects

Helen Ule, Colin Novak, Tony Spadafora, Ramani Ramakrishnan, Robert Gaspar


The insertion loss of an off the shelf multi-chamber muffler was investigated using a computer simulation program known as Ricardo WAVE. The temperature and flow effects of multi-chamber muffler was also included to investigate insertion loss. The realized sound pressure level at the exit of the exhaust pipe was observed with both the muffler and straight pipe in place using a Ricardo WAVE by implementing a one-dimensional finite difference formulation. An insertion loss of up to 20 dB was realized with implementation of the muffler in the experimental exercise with the maximum occuring at the higher engine speeds.


Acoustic noise; Computer simulation; Data acquisition; Dynamometers; Engines; Finite difference method; Flow measurement; Insertion losses; Mathematical models; Pressure effects; Thermal effects; Wind effects; Acoustic energy; Frictional effects; Pressure level; Toyota (CO)

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