Acoustic metrics for classroom performance- A literature review

Setareh Shams, Ramani Ramakrishnan


A literature review undertaken by an undergraduate research project to enumerate all possible metrics that can be used to assess completely the classroom performance from an acoustic perspective, evaluating the sufficiency of the three conventional metrics, is presented. Barron and Lee concluded that reverberation time determines early decay time, early-to-late sound index, and total sound-pressure level with volume. Bradley states that there are numerous predicators of speech intelligibly that must be considered as well. Neuman and Hochberg state that studies involving classrooms have focused on determining optimal reverberation through testing adults as opposed to children. Palovic points out that it is often difficult make direct comparisons between results, because different researchers use different parameters when dealing with speech intelligibility.


Architectural acoustics; Reverberation; Speech intelligibility; Early decay time; Early-to-late; Literature reviews; Predicators; Reverberation time; Undergraduate research

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