Eigenfrequency analysis of fluid-filled pipes

N.M. Alam Chowdhury, Zaiyi Liao, Lian Zhao, Ramani Ramakrishnan


A study was conducted to perform eigenfrequency analysis of fluid-filled pipes. The fundamental element of such an analysis was to investigate the eigenfrequency of the wave propagation impacted by the complexity of fluid medium surrounded by a large concrete pipe buried in the ground. The mathematical model was developed using Navier's equation of motion for acoustic wave in frequency domain. The interaction between the fluid and the surrounding layers were modeled based on Newton's law of motion and principle of virtual work. It was observed that the wire break or slip generated acoustic signal propagated through the pipe structure and the fluid in the pipe. The model was simulated for the rigid and elastic pipe with infinite and finite stiffness along with various dimensions of pipe and medium characteristics.


Acoustic waves; Acoustics; Concrete pipe; Equations of motion; Fluid structure interaction; Fluids; Mathematical models; Water pipelines; Acoustic signals; Eigenfrequency; Eigenfrequency analysis; Elastic pipes; Fluid medium; Fluid-filled pipes; Frequency domains; Navier's equations; Newton's Laws; Pipe structure; Principle of virtual work; Wire breaks

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