Modal solutions of the acoustic wave propagation through fluid-filled pipes

N M Alam Chowdhury, Zaiyi Liao, Lian Zhao, Ramani Ramakrishnan


Modal analysis and simulation of guided wave propagation were useful in solving these problems in the piping system. The scope of the analysis included the evaluation of dispersion behavior of guides waves in hollow or liquid-filled cylinders. The mathematical model for the analysis was based on Navier's equation of motion. The model was solved to obtain the modes of propagation and phase wave of acoustic wave in for various radii of the pipe. The finite-element analysis was used to simulate the model and the results were compared with the analytical solutions. The results easily identified various propagating modes, their excitation frequency, and the impact of the pipe radius. It was observed that the number of propagating modes decreased with decreasing pipe radius and increased with increasing radius.


Acoustic wave propagation; Acoustic waves; Equations of motion; Guided electromagnetic wave propagation; Mathematical models; Modal analysis; Pipe; Underwater acoustics; Analytical solutions; Dispersion behavior; Excitation frequency; Finite element analysis; Fluid-filled pipes; Guided wave propagation; Liquid-filled cylinders; Modal solutions; Navier's equations; Propagating mode

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