Pressure Drop Evaluation of Silencers


  • Ramani Ramakrishnan Ryerson University
  • Tooraj Yousefi Ryerson University


Porous materials are usually applied in HVAC system ducts as passive silencers.  The introduction of silencer materials such as baffles in the duct stream produces pressure drop to the fan system.  The pressure drop measured in pascals becomes significant in elbow silencers where 90 degree turns are the norm.  The pressure drop of elbow silencer systems were evaluated using a CFD method as well as simple ASHRAE procedures.  The comparison of the two methods is presented in this paper.

Author Biographies

Ramani Ramakrishnan, Ryerson University

Associate ProfessorDepartment of Architectural Science

Tooraj Yousefi, Ryerson University

Post Doctoral Research FellowDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

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Ramakrishnan R, Yousefi T. Pressure Drop Evaluation of Silencers. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2014 Aug. 18 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];42(3). Available from:



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