History of Canadian Acoustics


  • John Bradley National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa
  • Ramani Ramakrishnan


Canadian Acoustics developed from a news letter called  “Acoustics and Noise Control in Canada” (ANCC). ANCC  was started in 1973 with Tony Embleton as the first Editor.  This was a simple production with photocopied pages  hand stapled together, but it did include technical papers as well as news material. Tony Embleton was replaced by Gary Faulkner in 1975 and by Daryl May in 1977. During the years up to 1982, ANCC developed as a useful way for Canadian acousticians to communicate and keep in touch with acoustical activities in Canada. In 1981 Dee Benwell took over as Editor with plans for  ANCC to become a real printed journal that was renamed Canadian Acoustics in 1982. Technical papers were  encouraged and reviewed for acceptance for publication in  Canadian Acoustics and the current schedule of 4 issues per  year was set. Dee Benwell also initiated the format of the  front page of Canadian Acoustics with the unique cover art  by Simon Tuckett below the table of contents.  After 3  years of being editor she was followed by John  Bradley for another 3 years (Jan 1984 to Jan 1987). He  built on Dee Benwell’s pioneering efforts and encouraged  refereed  technical publications, book reviews and news about international acoustical events. Being employed at NRC he was able to ‘encourage’ colleagues to contribute papers to Canadian Acoustics. He also carried out a survey of Canadian acoustical consultants and their areas of expertise which was published in the July 1986 issue. He was followed by Raymond Hétu who did much to continue efforts to strengthen the French content in Canadian Acoustics. He also introduced (1988) the blue title on white paper as the cover format that was used for many years.
In 1990, Hétu was followed by Murray Hodgson, the second longest serving editor. He served for 9 years giving Canadian Acoustics a period of stable growth. He was followed by Ramani Ramakrishnan who has served as Editor for 15 years. During his long reign as editor, Canadian Acoustics has flourished, with improved printing quality, glossy covers, and coloured pictures. There have been special issues of conference papers, invited papers and many other new venturesCanadian acoustics is now in its 40th year and can look forward to continuing growth in its quality and the material that it publishes.

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Ramani Ramakrishnan

Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University

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