Acoustic enhancement of proposed grand lecture hall using computer simulation

Chris DiMarino, Dillon Fuerth, Devin Gignac, Adam Lunardi, Colin Novak, Robert Pikul, Anthony Simone


The presented research deals with the acoustical performance of a proposed grand lecture hall using experimental and modeling techniques. The primary challenge for the senior undergraduate engineering group was that the room has yet to be fully designed or constructed. The secondary goal was to optimize the design of the room using the computer software ODEON in the early design stage rather than after it has been built as is often the case. Reverberation time, early decay time, clarity and STI were the four acoustical parameters considered. The modeling software was also validated using test measurements conducted in a similar lecture room. The results of the present room design demonstrated less than ideal reverberation time and early decay times for the proposed room use but above average clarity and STI values. Design suggestions are given to increase the acoustical performance of the proposed lecture hall.


Architectural acoustics; Auditoriums; Computer simulation; Reverberation; Acoustical parameters; Acoustical performance; Decay time; Design suggestions; Early decay time; Early design stages; Modeling softwares; Modeling technique; Reverberation time; Test measurements; Undergraduate engineering

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