An enhanced numerical model to simulate nonlinear continuous wave ultrasound field

Shahram Mashouf, Jahan Tavakkoli


A study was conducted to develop an enhanced numerical model to simulate nonlinear continuous wave ultrasound field. The model was based on a second-order operator splitting method where the acoustic field was propagated over incremental steps. The splitting method accounted the effects of diffraction, nonlinearity, and attenuation to help in developing the model. The model was a modified version of the KZK model where the parabolic diffraction term was replaced by a more accurate full diffraction term. The method was enhanced by introducing arbitrary source geometry and excitation definition, full diffraction solution, enhanced pressure calculation, and enhanced power deposition rate and temperature prediction capabilities. This resulted in a useful tool for simulating high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) beams in tissue, including temperature rise predictions.


Acoustic fields; Acoustic waves; Numerical methods; Ultrasonic testing; Ultrasonics; Continuous wave ultrasound; Diffraction solutions; High intensity focused ultrasound; Non-Linearity; Numerical models; Power deposition; Pressure calculation; Second-order operators; Source geometry; Splitting method; Temperature prediction; Temperature rise

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