Source localization of aircraft engines with circular microphone arrays

Iman Khatami, Alain Berry


Turbo-engines are an important of exterior noise of jet aircraft. Many researchers have attempted to develop methods to identify and locate the various noise sources of aero-engines. The general idea of these approaches is to improve the performance of beamforming by estimating the assigned distribution of sources through the solution of an inverse problem. The goal of this research is the discrimination of inlet and exhaust sources in aircraft engines using far field microphone arrays. The proposed acoustic source identification method in this study is based on a combination of inverse modeling and conventional beamforming. A laboratory test set-up was designed to validate the source identification approach. A small-scale replica of a free field static engine test was installed in a hemi-anechoïc chamber. The results of experimental data show that the Hybrid method is an effective technique for discrimination of inlet and exhaust noise in aero-engines.


Acoustics; Beamforming; Inverse problems; Microphones; Acoustic sources; Aeroengines; Conventional beamforming; Engine test; Exhaust noise; Experimental data; Far field; Free fields; Hybrid method; Inverse modeling; Laboratory test; Microphone arrays; Noise source; Source identification; Source localization

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