The potential of remote real-time noise monitoring


  • Henk de Haan dBA Noise Consultants Ltd
  • Virgini Senden dBA Noise Consultants Ltd


NoiseNet is the Canadian representative of For over a decade, we have provided real-time web access to unmanned noise monitors (including audio recordings) around airports, along railroads, highways and around industry. We helped clients make sense of Big Data by automatically analyzing data, developing source recognition and by providing customized reports. Real-time access to noise monitoring results, results in increased confidence from the public, and drastically reduces response time and cost when dealing with complaints. Recently, unmanned noise measurements along light rail systems have been applied to assist in planned maintenance (rail re-surfacing, rolling stock maintenance), reducing maintenance cost.

Virgini Senden, Eur. Ing, INCE Bd. Cert.

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