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True North: A Comparison of Measured vs Modelled Noise Levels with iNoise

Henk de Haan, Virgini Senden


Standard ISO 9613-2 [1] is a widely used standard in noise predictions for industrial noise. Various jurisdictions in Canada recommend or require the use of ISO 9613-2. The standard  has been implemented in several commercialy available software suites that are in use in Canada today, e.g. CadnaA, Predictor and Soundplan. It has been noted that the translation of ISO 9613-2 in software algorithims can be open to interpretation [3], [4]. As a consequence, different software suites may produce different results for the same modelled situation. To help remedy this unwanted situation, Standard ISO/TR 17534-3 [2] was introduced in 2015. Recently, a new software suite has been introduced to the Canadian market, iNoise. iNoise looks and feels very similar to Predictor and is being marketed as a suite that strictly confirms to ISO 9613-2 in combination with ISO/TR 17534-3. Time for a reality check : how do noise levels that were predicted using iNoise compare to measured noise levels?


Engineering Acoustics / Noise Control

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