Acoustic Project Of A Conference Room Of The Secondary School “Avenir 33” (Delé- Mont, Switzerland)

Gino Iannace, Fabio Sicurella, Perla Colamesta, Matteo Gentilin


This paper reports the study of a conference room inside a secondary school in Switzerland. The architectural approach developed focused on the choice of the room’s shape and materials, while the acoustic treatments, proposed had to provide a good insulation from exterior and adjacent rooms as well as a good speech intelligibility. Simulations run also with the software Odeon allowed to foresee the main acoustic indicators (T30, EDT, C80, D50 and STI) and therefore optimize the dimensions and positions of the acoustic treatments for different audiences. Moreover, the acoustic treatment included the vocal emission of the speaker without amplification systems. Acoustic measurement were carried out at the end of the building construction confirmed the good acoustic quality of the auditorium.


room acoustics ;simulation; virtual model; auditorium

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