Investigations on a Periodic Acoustic Metamaterial for Multi-Tonal Noise Attenuation


  • Zacharie Laly Université de SherbrookeQueen's University, CA
  • Christopher Mechefske Queen's University, CA
  • Sebastian Ghinet National Research Council Canada, CA
  • Behnam Ashrafi National Research Council Canada, CA
  • Charly Kone National Research Council Canada, CA


In this paper, a design of an acoustic metamaterial based on a periodic Helmholtz resonator is proposed and its acoustic attenuation performance is studied using the finite element method. The Helmholtz resonator contains a damping material in its cavity in the form of a membrane to which small mass is attached. The resonator with an extended neck within the cavity is periodically embedded within a porous material. The added mass, which is attached to the membrane is a solid material and is modelled as a linear isotropic elastic material as well as the membrane whose boundaries are fixed. The transmission loss of the proposed metamaterial design presents multiple resonant peaks while the conventional resonator shows only one peak. It is demonstrated that the number of the transmission loss peaks and the resonant frequencies can be controlled by the parameters of the attached mass such as its material properties and size. The proposed metamaterial design can attenuate the noise at multiple frequencies simultaneously.

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Laly Z, Mechefske C, Ghinet S, Ashrafi B, Kone C. Investigations on a Periodic Acoustic Metamaterial for Multi-Tonal Noise Attenuation. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2023 Oct. 9 [cited 2024 Apr. 18];51(3):136-7. Available from:



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