Acoustic Characterization of a Low-Speed Closed Loop Wind Tunnel



Caractérisation acoustique d'une soufflerie aérodynamique


A low-speed closed loop wind tunnel with an open-jet test section having a maximum windspeed of 60 m/s is being modified for future aero-acoustic testing. The wind tunnel is new to Carleton University as of 2021, and no acoustic characterization tests have been completed until recently. The objective of this research is to acoustically characterize the wind tunnel before and stepwise through its acoustic modifications. Multiple tests have been made using ¼-inch microphones at different locations inside the plenum to record the existing out-of-flow background noise. The first planned wind tunnel modification is a height extension to the current plenum with dimensions 0.74×1.8×1.3 m (H×L×W) to increase the observer distance for the microphones. Once the plenum volume is increased, acoustic treatment will be applied to the interior of the plenum to create a hemi-anechoic measurement environment. An in-flow microphone mount was designed and manufactured with computer controlled vertical traversing; it will be installed after the plenum modifications are complete.



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Cunnington Bourbonniere N, Rocha J, Waudby-Smith P. Acoustic Characterization of a Low-Speed Closed Loop Wind Tunnel. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2024 May 15 [cited 2024 Jul. 17];52(1). Available from:

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