Focus on absorbing materials intended for acoustic screens for transformers


  • J.-G. Migneron Univ. Laval, Que., Canada


noise abatement, transformer substations, noise control, absorbing materials, acoustic screens, transformer noise, transformer stations, masonry units, steel resonators, tuned membranes


The research work presented in this article was originally subsidized by Hydro-Quebec; it constitutes the second part of a project dealing with transformer noise and means of controlling it. The present article is thus a continuation of that published in the preceding issue (see ibid., vol.11, no.3, p.16, 1983) in which a model of the noise impact of transformer stations was described. The materials tested fall into three broad categories: masonry units with resonators, steel resonators with common cavities and tuned membranes. In all three cases these devices were optimized for special use in controlling transformer noise. In addition, the devices were treated to protect them against mechanical failure and climate so as to ensure their effectiveness under real conditions



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