Absorbent double layer material for an Olympic stadium roof

J.-G. Migneron


In order to develop a special absorbent material to control the reflections on the concave surface of the new roof of the Olympic Stadium of Montreal, a study has been conducted on the acoustical properties of a double layer absorbent panels, with a special interest concerning the low frequency comportment of this composite material and the effects of the thickness and the density of the fibrous material, the distance between the two parallel panels, the external covering and the finishing paint of the exposed panels. Different samples have been tested in a reverberation chamber, both in vertical and horizontal position, in relation with the opening between two juxtaposed panels and the distance between the acoustical treatment and the new steel roof. The conception of the acoustical material takes into account the predicted reverberation time, the durability of the panels, the mechanical and fire resistance and, finally, the cost of the total treatment


acoustic noise; architectural acoustics; noise abatement; structural acoustics; concave surface; Olympic Stadium; Montreal; acoustical properties; double layer absorbent panels; low frequency comportment; composite material; reverberation time; fire resistance; cost


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