Progress on the development of standards for sound intensity measurements


  • G. Krishnappa Inst. for Mech. Eng., Nat. Res. Council, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


acoustic intensity measurement, calibration, measurement standards, sound intensity measurements, ANSI standards, calibration standards, procedural standards, discrete point measurements, instrument standards, international standards


The international and ANSI standards organizations have been involved in developing both instrument and calibration standards, and procedural standards to determine sound power. The sound power document based on discrete point measurements. Developed by the ISO, has already become an approved standard. the ANSI sound power draft is expected to receive final approval in a short time. Both the ANSI and IEC working groups are striving hard to develop instrument standards. The progress has been rather slow due to difficulties associated in standardizing many types of instruments and the lack of appropriate calibrating procedures. The author discusses the progress made by the ANSI and international standards working groups, highlighting the differences between the two approaches

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