Sound power determination using sound intensity scanning technique


  • G. Krishnappa Inst. for Mech. Eng., Nat. Res. Council, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


acoustic intensity measurement, sound power, sound intensity, scanning method, surface average value


Sound intensity is the primary quantity required to compute the sound power of sources, which is given by the surface integral of the product of the normal component of the sound intensity and the associated elemental area over any surface fully enclosing the source. In the scanning method, the probe is moved continuously along one or more prescribed paths on the surface. The surface average value of the normal component of sound intensity is obtained in a few scans, instead of independent measurements at several points. This method is relatively quick and easy to perform and gives good results for measurements requiring engineering grades of accuracies. The author examines the range and effect of some of the major parameters associated with the scanning technique, for providing guidance to the user and to the standardization of the procedure

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