Hearing aid research at Ontario's Hearing Health Care Research Unit (HHCRU)


  • D.G. Jamieson Hearing Health Care Res. Unit, Univ. of Western Ont., London, Ont., Canada


hearing aids, Hearing Health Care Research Unit, Ontario Ministry of Health, health research, hearing-related assessment, rehabilitative services, hearing loss


The Hearing Health Care Research Unit (HHCRU) was established in July, 1989 by the Ontario Ministry of Health as part of its new Health System-Linked Research Units Program. This approach to health research links a clinical partner with an academic sponsoring agency in an attempt to increase the relevance and effectiveness of health research. HHCRU is a partnership between the Otologic Function Unit (OFU), a shared audiology/vestibular service between Mount Sinai Hospital and The Toronto Hospital, and the Aural Rehabilitation Group in the Department of Communicative Disorders at the University of Western Ontario. The focus of HHCRU is hearing-related assessment and rehabilitative services, with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these services. The ultimate aim is to minimize the handicap that accompanies hearing loss



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