Application of speech recognition/clarification technology to dysarthric speech

D.R. Sainani, D.G. Jamieson


The aim of this study is to develop and evaluate a communications system which uses speech recognition as a method of speech input and clarification to produce intelligible synthesized speech as the output. Specifically, this study will address the differences between the intelligibility ratings of unclarified (natural) dysarthric speech and speech clarified with a speech recognition and voice output system. To do this, differences in the intelligibility of words versus phrases across both the clarified and unclarified speech conditions will be investigated. Further, differences in the intelligibility ratings by naive versus experienced listeners will be investigated


speech intelligibility; speech recognition; speech clarification; clarified speech; DragonWriter 1000; dysarthric speech; communications system; intelligibility; words; phrases; unclarified speech; intelligibility ratings; listeners

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