The attenuation of aircraft noise by wood stud walls

J.S. Bradley, J.A. Birta


Measurements were made according to the ASTM E90 procedure but with the frequency range of measurements extended from 50 to 5 kHz. The overall performance of the walls was rated using the ASTM Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC). In general, it was found that the overall sound insulation of wood stud exterior walls is limited by poor performance at the low frequencies due to one of 2 types of low frequency resonance.


Acoustic noise; Acoustic properties; Acoustic wave transmission; Aircraft; Buildings; Computer aided design; Gypsum; Natural frequencies; Stiffness; Thermal insulation; Walls (structural partitions); Wooden construction; Aircraft noise; Cavity insulation; Sound transmission loss; Structural resonance; Wood stud walls

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