Use of sound quality metrics for the analysis of automotive intake noise

Colin Novak, Helen Ule, Robert Gaspar


The automotive intake noise was analyzed using a psychoacoustic metrics. The psychoacoustics involves the quantitative evaluation of acoustic sound pressure level using a sound quality metrics. The metrics includes loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength and articulation index. Loudness a standard metric describes the human preception of loud source perceived as opposed to a simply reported sound pressure level. Roughness and fluctuation strength describes the annoyance of modulating sound and sharpness describes the high frequency annoyance of noise by applying a weighting factor on sounds above 2kHz.


Air cleaners; Automobiles; Data acquisition; Dynamometers; Engines; Frequencies; Frequency modulation; Harmonic analysis; Passenger cars; Pressure effects; Speech intelligibility; Articulation index analysis; Induction noise analysis; Psychoacoustic metrics; Sound quality

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