A new 3D finite element for sandwich structures with a viscoelastic core

Kamel Amichi, Noureddine Atalla


A new sandwich finite element model has been developed for sandwich structures with a viscoelastic core. The model allows for both symmetrical and unsymmetrical configurations. The rotational influence of the transversal shearing in the core on the skins behaviors ensure a displacements consistency over the interfaces between the viscoelastic core and the elastic skins resulting in an accurate representations of the physics. Validations are performed versus both analytical and classical Finite elements models using MSC/Nastran®(Nastran). The Nastran model uses solid finite elements for the core and shell finite elements for the skins. The proposed element sandwich is accurate for the modeling of the studied laminated steels.


Finite element method; Laminated composites; Mathematical models; Steel; Three dimensional; Viscoelasticity; Unsymmetrical configurations; Viscoelastic core; Viscoelastic cores

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