Binaural objective intelligibility measurement and hearing aids

Nicolas Ellaham, Christian Giguère, Wail Gueaieb


An initial stage was proposed to deal with nonlinear processing and obtain a new binaural objective measure of speech intelligibility in digital hearing aids. The first stage of the binaural measure was based on a simple signal separation scheme used by Hagerman and Olofsson in a monaural investigation of the effects of noise reduction algorithms in hearing aids. It is incorporated into the proposed model with a dual purpose, such as providing separate access to the speech and noise signals at the output of the left and right hearing aids. It served another purpose of dealing with nonlinear signal processing along with complex signal and noise mixtures inside the hearing aid. Signal separation was performed by presenting the speech and noise signals simultaneously to the hearing aid twice, the second time with the phase of the noise reversed.


Acoustic noise; Audition; Hearing aids; Separation; Signal processing; Complex signal; Digital hearing aids; Hearing aid; Initial stages; Noise reduction algorithms; Noise signals; Non-linear signal processing; Nonlinear processing; Objective measure; Signal separation

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